Sustainable Analytics

Visualize your bins impact as it happens.

All it takes is five seconds

Deciding where to throw your garbage can be frustrating - especially when the signage that's supposed to tell you where to put it is missing your item. Our SortStream videos ensure that any unusual items are clearly visible and easy to sort.

Catch the eye

Command attention with our SortStream videos displaying exactly where your waste goes. Never deal with unsightly and generic paper signs ever again.

Capture the change

Sensors inside the bins detect new contents, and trigger a responsive screen with a fully customizable display. Keep things fresh, upload new content every week.

Tell your story

This responsive screen delivers custom messaging that is tailored to your individual needs. Vary your story by bin, set, time, or location across all of your spaces.

Upload the event

Our live system tracks every interaction and engagement. We automatically send real-time data to your dashboard for convenient analysis and visualization.

Improving the Environment Through Engagement

How it Works

The EvoBin displays a series of rotating videos that capture your visitors’ attention as they throw away their waste, directing them to sort it properly. These videos can be customized to feature problem items that are commonly thrown into the incorrect bin and can be tailored to your venue’s specific needs. Integrated sensors inside the EvoBin detect when an item is thrown away, triggering a responsive screen that can be used to display any kind of messaging, from environmental facts to your brand or institution’s social media posts.

These two features make the EvoBin a powerful tool for diverting waste from landfill, by encouraging people to think about what they do with their waste. Studies show that people often incorrectly throw away their waste for two key reasons: a lack of knowledge, and a lack of awareness. By utilizing dynamic and informative content, the EvoBin transforms waste disposal from an often boring or forgettable experience, into one that is engaging, refreshing, and better for the environment.


The EvoBin collects data on how much waste is being thrown away, and how it’s being sorted. This valuable information can be accessed through our Analytics Dashboard -- where you can track trends over time, or examine the effect of different sustainability initiatives -- giving you a deeper understanding of your waste stream.

How it works

Track your waste at the source

The EvoBin’s integrated scale sensors record how much waste is deposited into each bin, and send that information to our servers in real-time. That data can be viewed and analyzed in our backend Analytics Dashboard, a powerful tool that gives you complete control over your data.

With the Analytics Dashboard, you can customize how you view your data: examine the composition of your waste stream at a single, specific set of EvoBins, or across an entire facility; track trends and patterns over customizable periods of time, or view your waste stream in real-time.

Understanding how waste flows through your facility is crucial to reducing your waste footprint. With the right data you can see where you could most improve, and gain insight as to what kinds of initiatives have the greatest level of success -- ultimately providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to run a greener, more efficient facility.