User Engagement

Your unique story is our priority.

How it works

Each bin is equipped with an integrated scale that detects when trash is tossed in. The change in weight triggers a responsive, fully customizable message that slides, scrolls, or pops onto the screen. Scroll down to see some of our favorites!

Use our templates to create your own, personalized response screens.

We provide an expansive collection of striking, and easily customizable, pre-formatted templates to help you create your own response screens, complete with functionality like Instagram and Twitter integration.

Design screens and make changes remotely through our web-facing controller. We put complete control in your hands. From images, to text, to on-screen animations, anything is possible! If you’re looking for something particularly ambitious, our in-house team of design experts will work with you to realize your vision.


Spread awareness by communicating helpful bits of ‘waste wisdom’ to anyone who uses the EvoBin, reinforcing positive waste disposal habits.

Give Back

Have a favorite non-profit or sustainable group? Tell us about them so we can connect your consumers to your brand values.


Display important event reminders and itineraries to capture new audiences and remind employees of key upcoming dates and events.

Integrate social media

Connect your response screens directly to your Instagram and Twitter accounts to display live updates of your most recent posts, ensuring your audience never misses a beat.

Extend your reach

Expand your social media outreach, and bring new users into your network, by connecting your EvoBins to your Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Our bins are proven to stimulate engagement at the point of disposal -- take advantage of that interaction by spreading your message and brand. Live updates mean your most recent posts are always displayed, so your visitors can tag you and join in on the fun.

Rather than compromise with just one account, use our cycling feature to display both your Twitter and Instagram posts, one after the other. Twitter’s textual content, and Instagram’s stunning photo features blend perfectly to offer a superior experience.

Facebook compatibility coming soon!

Proud Partners of the Arbor Day Foundation

Enrich your customer experience and give back to the environment by taking advantage of our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. For every 100 lbs. of material composted at EvoBins in participating locations, we will donate a tree to be planted by the Arbor Day Foundation.