At EvoEco, our mission is to bring waste disposal into the Digital Age and environmental consciousness to the forefront of consumer decision-making -- for a cleaner, and greener future.

Why bring waste disposal into the Digital Age? In the US, almost 70% of what we throw away ends up in landfills or incinerators, despite the majority of this waste being recyclable or compostable. Even when we do recycle and compost, we are confronted by confusing signs and rules that make the process time consuming, difficult, and frustrating. This means that we often make mistakes, which contaminates our recycled and composted goods with material that doesn’t belong, and can cause that material to be rejected and sent to landfill.

Doing the right thing shouldn’t be so confusing or difficult, and we believe technology has a crucial role to play in making the recycling and composting process easier and more efficient. That’s why our products focus on providing people with the information they need to make the right decision as quickly and efficiently as possible while educating consumers on the importance of recycling and composting, in order to foster more environmentally conscious behavior over the long term.

By combining engaging technology with well-designed, compelling visuals and educational information, we can change how people think about their trash and what they do with it -- making landfills a thing of the past.


Sustainable practices such as recycling and composting help reduce our society’s impact on the environment, and are important countermeasures in the fight against global climate change. Adopting new, innovative tools to facilitate responsible waste disposal practices is essential to driving real, lasting change.


Businesses and other institutions, such as schools and hospitals, generate up to 45% of the waste in the United States, meaning that increased waste diversion efforts at these facilities are of vital importance. By working together to adopt ecologically friendly practices, we can drastically improve waste diversion.


Whether taking the first step, or just one more in a longer journey, we all have to do our part to safeguard the world we leave to future generations. Only by taking action today, can we create a greener tomorrow. Join us in our commitment to uphold our social responsibility to support sustainability.