Computer Vision


Maximize your Potential

Our object recognition software tracks what people are throwing away, and directs them to the proper bin -- boosting your waste diversion efforts, and giving you a deeper understanding of your waste streams.

Tech meets Trash

Coupled with our object recognition system, the EvoBin becomes an even more powerful tool for waste diversion and education. It can keep track of what items are being thrown away, and how accurately those items are sorted -- meaning that you get a clear picture of your waste stream, without having to conduct an expensive waste audit. This allows you to identify problem items that your visitors are struggling with, and helps you come up with concrete plans to improve your waste diversion efforts.

Most importantly, with object recognition, the EvoBin can tell people where they should throw away their waste, and even let them know when they’ve put something into the wrong bin -- a huge step forward for education, encouraging positive waste habits, and correcting bad behavior.