` EvoEco: Bringing waste technology into the digital age

Bringing Waste Disposal into the Digital Age.

Providing our clients with the latest in clean-tech waste management solutions. Our products turn tossing trash into a fun, interactive experience for your visitors and employees. Capture and visualize that data through our immersive analytics dashboard.

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Be a leader in sustainability

Invest in technology proven to divert waste from landfill, reducing your business or institution's environmental footprint.

Captivate the audience

Capitalize on untapped customer engagement potential with our interactive, responsive designs.

Track waste flow

Get a deeper understanding of the way waste flows through your venue with our unparalleled tracking technology.

Make it your own

Personalize your bins with our extensive customization options to seamlessly integrate our technology into your facilities.

Simple, Elegant Design

The EvoBin's classic look and feel fit into any venue. Color customization and optional branding help you make our technology, yours.

User Engagement

Connect with your visitors and employees at the point of disposal.

By providing unique and engaging responses when waste is thrown away, our EvoBin platform breathes new life into the waste disposal process, making it fresh and exciting. Our system lets you tell your unique story and communicate with your guests like never before -- all while diverting waste from the landfill.

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Real-time Analytics

Track the flow of waste through your facilities in an intuitive native environment.

Breathtaking and exhaustive analytics come to life through our reactive, real-time dashboard. Visualize traffic and monitor activity at your bins across venues to maximize your waste diversion and visitor conversion.

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